Unsplash partners with Splash to spice up your event pages

If you're the person in charge of planning events, you should be using Splash. It's an easy-to-use, automated event marketing platform that helps you with plan, measure and scale your event programs.

Unsplash and Splash have one thing in common: we believe the world we live in is becoming increasingly visual.

Splash's event pages have a beautiful (and fully customizable) design for your guests to enjoy, but they have decided to take it up a notch by integrating with Unsplash's library. 

Splash has made it super simple to use - head over to their completely revamped image modal and navigate to the Stock tab to search Unsplash's library. 

Here are a few examples of how to use Unsplash photos within Splash:


If you'd like to use the Unsplash API for your application, you can visit our Developer page or contact our Partnerships team.  

Annie Spratt