Ugmonk + Unsplash

We’ve always been admirers of Jeff Sheldon’s clean, minimalist aesthetic. And we absolutely love his company Ugmonk. So when Jeff launched a super minimal organizer called Gather, we collectively lost our shit (along with the rest of the internet). After sending him a congratulatory DM, we got to chatting about working together and mentioned we were looking for curators for photo collections. Jeff, being the good sport that he is, graciously agreed.

Since Jeff’s vibe is super minimalist, and Gather is all about keeping you organized/productive, we’ve chosen “minimalism”, “productivity”, and “organization” as our themes for this collection. Here’s a little inspiration to get things moving.

How to submit a photo:

  • Submit your photos in the themes of “minimalism”, “productivity”, or “organization”.
  • You may may submit as many photos as you wish for any or all of themes.
  • Submit a photo to Unsplash as normal but add “Ugmonk” to the photo story (the photo’s caption)

Photo selection:

  • After your photo is submitted to Unsplash, it will be reviewed for approval by the Unsplash Editorial team, based on the guidelines above. The photos that are approved will show up on the Ugmonk collection page.
  • The Unsplash Editorial team, with the help of Ugmonk founder, Jeff Sheldon, will select 10 featured photos from that collection. If your photo is selected, you’ll be notified by email and your photo will be featured on the homepage of Unsplash.

These 10 photographers will also be:

  • Featured in the Unsplash Curated email that gets sent to the Unsplash community.
  • Featured on the Unsplash homepage which gets viewed more than the cover of the New York Times.
  • Featured on the Unsplash Instagram account.
  • Our top three favorites will also receive choice goodies from Unsplash and Ugmonk.

It always feels great to hear from our photographer community in Slack (which you can join for free) or on Twitter / Instagram / Facebook. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to recognize the awesome people that make up our community.

Annie Spratt