Ludus + Unsplash

Powerpoint, Google Slides. Every so often someone comes out with a new presentation tool and it changes the game.  People start quietly switching over and soon the ousted program is a relic of another era, like an address.

Hey Ludus.

Well, it might be happening again. Not only is Ludus better than its predecessors, it’s the first presentation tool we’ve actually ever gotten excited about. With Ludus, you can mix all your carefully curated internet things into one presentation. And thanks to an intuitive block layout system it’s super easy to make it all look good.

So when Ludus went looking for a source of high-quality images that work great for slide backgrounds our hands went up. Using our API, Ludus is able to give its customers access to 200,000+ hand-picked images for free. That means you can always find what you’re looking for. “It’s not only that you always find a result, but the result is always beautiful and inspiring.” That’s the founder of Ludus, Vincent Battaglia. “It’s very difficult (if not impossible) to find a bad photo on Unsplash.”

If you’d like to see Ludus in action you can sign up for the beta here. And don’t forget to share any cool decks you make with Unsplash photos!

Annie Spratt