Lonely Planet Trips App + Unsplash

Many a great vacation has started with a friend handing us their dog-eared copy of a Lonely Planet guide and saying “you should go here.” We’ve been using their guides to plan and inspire our travels for as long as we can remember, so when they told us they were building a new app to allow their community to tell travel stories, we jumped on the chance to help out.

The Lonely Planet Trips app is built to share travel experiences with your family and friends. You can share directions to that hidden waterfall in Iceland or your favorite bar in Dublin and what beers to try. Of course, you can choose who sees your stories so you can keep your secret spots secret. 

Lonely Planet wanted to pre-populate the app with a bunch of great stories and imagery before it launched and we had just the solution. We asked our community to contribute their favorite travel stories and photos and the results are amazing. 

Of course, all the photos from Unsplash are available to use for whatever you’d like. Head over to the discover tab to see all of the Unsplash photographers. Their bio will have a link to their Unsplash profile where you can download the photos.


Trips is available for download in iOS app store now and an Android version is coming soon. Let us know on Twitter about any trips you create, we’d love to see them!

Annie Spratt