Fujifeed + Unsplash

Samuel Zeller is the founder and curator of Fujifeed, an online magazine and community for Fujifilm photographers. This independent project grew to be one of the largest community of Fujifilm photographers in the world, where you'll find beautiful photos, photographer interviews, articles, tutorials and reviews. 

Not only is this something we'd love to be a part of, but Samuel has also been a long-time contributor and friend of Unsplash, and we're always excited to work with our friends.

Fujifeed x Unsplash Photo Prompt

We're excited to announce that we're partnering with Fujifeed and their community of photographers for an Unsplash x Fujifeed photo prompt! 

How to submit a photo:

  • Submit your best photos to Unsplash using this special link: http://u.nspla.sh/fujifeed
  • Your photos should be based on the themes of “free”, “light”, or “feeling small”.
  • You may enter photos for all three themes, and you may enter as many photos as you wish.
  • Photos do not need to be shot with Fuji cameras.
  • All photos must comply with Unsplash Photo Submission Guidelines. All photos on Unsplash are licensed under the Unsplash License which means they can be used for anything for free.
  • All photos must be submitted by May 27th, 2017 at midnight EST.

Photo selection:

  • After your photo is submitted to Unsplash, it will be reviewed for approval by the Unsplash Editorial team, based on the guidelines above. The photos that are approved will show up on Fujifeed's collection page.
  • The Unsplash Editorial team, with the help of Fujifeed founder, Samuel Zeller, will select 10 featured photos from that collection. If your photo is selected, you’ll be notified by email and your photo will be shown and credited on Fujifeed and Unsplash.

These 10 photographers will also be:

  • Featured in the Unsplash Curated email that gets sent to the Unsplash community.
  • Featured on the Unsplash homepage which gets viewed more than the cover of the New York Times, as well as on the Fujifeed website.
  • Featured on the Unsplash and Fujifeed Instagram accounts, so make sure you're following those.
  • Rewarded with fancy prizes (with extra special ones for the top three photos).


If you’re interested in following other photographers like Samuel on Unsplash, you can join Unsplash here

It always feels great to hear from our photographer community in Slack (which you can join for free) or on Twitter / Instagram / Facebook. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to recognize the awesome people that make up our community.

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