Unsplash LA Expedition — Sunset shooting with Jeremy Bishop

  • Caffe Vita 4459 Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, CA, 90027 United States

Join Jeremy Bishop and the Unsplash Community for coffee followed by a hike to Griffith Observatory.

Come grab a coffee and take photos with the Unsplash Community on a hike through the hills for some epic sunset shots.

Date: Sunday, February 12th, 2017

Meeting Time: 3:30 at Caffe Vita or 4:15 at Griffith Observatory

Parking: There is parking near the Caffe (street or at Vons) as well as up at the Observatory. We will carpool up from Caffe Vita at 4:00 or you are free to meet us up there at 4:15 if you just want to join the hike. We will meet at the center column at the observatory.

Email any questions to local@unsplash.com.

If you've heard of Unsplash or used it, we'd love to meet you. Whether you're a photographer, designer, developer, artist, blogger, or friend, feel free to join us. #UnsplashLA