2:00 pm14:00

Photowalk: Unsplash X Creative Commons

  • Toronto

Join Creative Commons and Unsplash Ambassador, Patrick Tomasso, on an Urban Photowalk in Toronto's Financial District.

Creative Commons and Unsplash are good friends and share the mission of collaborative and collective making through the Creative Commons Zero license. With the Creative Commons 2017 Annual Summit taking place in Toronto the week of the 24th, we thought we should celebrate. We are going to help them kick off with Summit with a photowalk through the city they are calling home for the week, Toronto.

Spend the afternoon 'looking up' as you document the hidden architectural gems of downtown Toronto! Expect the opportunity to access and photograph some epic locations usually off-limits to the public .

Date: Sunday, April 23rd, 2017
Meeting Time: 2:00PM

Meeting Location: Old City Hall
Ending Location: Harbour Square Park

Is this event for me?
Love photography? Love Unsplash? Interested in meeting other people who are interested in shooting together and exploring the city? This event is for you! All skill levels welcome — iPhone's to professional DSLR's to old school film. We love it all!

What to bring:

  • Yourself and a friend or two
  • A camera: iPhone, digital, film, whatever you like to take photos with
  • Comfy shoes


Have questions? Shoot Alice an email to local@unsplash.com or get in touch with Patrick on Instagram at @impatrickt.

Apr 23

Expedition + Workshop: Star Photography

  • Salt Flats, Utah

Join photographer and Unsplash Ambassador Greg Rakozy, for a sunset BBQ followed by a mini hands-on workshop on night photography and capturing stars in the night sky.

Ever wanted to take photos of the milky way or starscapes? We will be photographing one of the most unique places in the world, the salt flats. We'll catch golden hour & sunset, grill up some burgers and hot dogs, and host a workshop on how to take star photos. Then after the sun has set and the stars come out, we'll go take some photos!


The Bonneville Salt Flats are found west of the Great Salt Lake, in western Utah. They cover a large area and have a very unique environment. The flats can easily be seen as you drive I-80 between Salt Lake City and Wendover, NV.

The famous Bonneville Speedway is located in the western portion of the flats, near Wendover. It is perfectly flat and has a thick crust of salty soil. It looks like a frozen lake bed covered with snow. No vegetation grows in that area.

In other places, low mountains and hills break up the flat landscape. Sparse vegetation grows on hillsides and is pushing into the flat areas. On hot days, heat waves rise from the salty soil and create mirages that look amazingly real. If you believe your eyes, the dry desert looks like it is covered by water.

Golden Hour Bar-B-Que
6 PM - 8 PM

We'll meet at the Bonneville Speedway (rest stop off I-80) at 6 PM. From 6:30-8 PM we will enjoy golden hour. Meanwhile, we'll grill up some burgers & hotdogs and socialize. You're welcome to stay for our workshop.

Star Photography Basics Workshop
8 PM - 12 AM

As the sun sets and the stars rise, we'll talk about the basics of taking star photos. We'll talk about camera settings, lens choices & settings, techniques, and post editing basics. After our workshop we'll go out, take some photos and get one-on-one mentorship.

Things you'll need to bring

  • Camera gear - bring a dslr, mirrorless, film, iPhone, gopro, etc. They will all do!
  • Bring your own drinks - we'll provide the food.
  • Clothes for the location - It's salt, things can get messy. Also Spring
  • Chair or blanket - something hang out on during our workshop
  • Tripod - for those super steady shots or groupies!
  • Headlamp/flashlight - it'll be dark and you need to see
  • Friends - the more, the merrier!

Things to keep in mind

To get the best shots, we will be leaving the rest stop and going onto the salt flats. Vehicles are allowed but 4-wheel drive/AWD vehicles are best. We'll carpool to reduce the amount of environmental impact.

There is about a 2 hour wait period from sunset to star rise. While the best time to capture stars is 2-4 AM, we'll be shooting from 10 PM - Midnight. You're welcome to stay later.

Amenities: Wendover, UT/NV
Hotels: Wendover, UT
Camping: Wendover KOA, Wendover, UT

Have Questions? Email Greg at greg.rakozy@gmail.com or ping the Unsplash Community team on slack.

#UnsplashExpedition / #UnsplashUtah

4:00 pm16:00

Photowalk: Cordoba with Dan Gold

  • Cordoba, Argentina

Join Dan Gold for a Photowalk exploring Cordoba and its beautiful architecture and neighborhoods.

Explore the University and the surrounding neighborhoods to capture some of its beautiful scenery, architecture, and surprises. The National University of Cordoba is the oldest university in Argentina and the 4th oldest in South America. We will meet at 4PM and do a 2-hour walk until about 6PM. After, we will meet at Antares for a drink!

Date: Saturday, April 22nd, 2017
Meeting Time: 4:00PM

Meeting Location: Av. Haya de la Torre, Ciudad Universitaria, 5000 Córdoba, Argentina


Have questions? Feel free to email Dan at me@danielcgold.com.

Shooting the Miraflores Sunset with Dan Gold
5:30 pm17:30

Shooting the Miraflores Sunset with Dan Gold

  • Miraflores, Peru

Join Unsplash Photographer, Dan Gold to shoot the sunset from La Marina Lighthouse.

This gathering will take place on the Malecón near the Lighthouse in Miraflores to take some sunset photos over the ocean. Plan on meeting at golden hour to see the changing sky with its beautiful colors and watch the sun go down. Bring yourself, some friends and a camera (or two or three!). Blanket provided for lounging and snacks too!

Meeting Location: La Marina Lighthouse
Meeting Time: 5:30

Dan is a photographer and freelancer traveling with Remote Year. He is currently building Valencia Project, a community of travel photographers focused on making a positive social impact around the world.  

Have questions? Shoot the community team an email to local@unsplash.com or get in touch with Dan at me@danielcgold.com or WhatsApp: +1 774 326 4053 before (or after) the event.