Why I share my photos on Unsplash

A collection of stories from Unsplash members on why they share their photos on Unsplash.

Photo by adrian on Unsplash

Photo by adrian on Unsplash

Patrick Tomasso -
Why I give my photos away for free.

"I also ended up getting the job as cinematographer for the intro to CBC’s “Four In The Morning” because this photo was used in the pitch to the network. There’s a really cool write up done on it for Art of the Title that highlights how they found me as well."

Alex Holyoake

"I’ve lost track of how many months I’ve been using Unsplash for but only had small jobs here and there to support me, no ‘proper’ photography job. Recently though a quite large photography studio reached out to me after seeing my work and invited me to join their team full time photographing clothing and accessories for a store called Selfridges! I accepted of course, but it’s been great seeing how employers and people who seek photographic talent use Unsplash, not just people who want to use photos. I am forever grateful to the Unsplash team for creating the platform that has allowed this opportunity to happen!"

Ian Dooley

"After posting on Unsplash for two months I have gotten a paid client! a small clothing brand in Denver asked me to shoot his next clothing line! He sent over a box of clothes to do a test shoot and is gonna fly to OK to shoot it! Amazing!"

Did you do anything proactively and intentionally to make this happen?

"Nope the guy from the brand just hit me up on Instagram and said he found me on Unsplash. We exchanged emails, and then we were on the phone yesterday! He said my style was exactly what he was going for for his next line of clothing! Other than posting on Unsplash I did not do anything to promote this to happen."

Jp Valery
3 reasons why I’m leaving Instagram and focusing on Unsplash 

"It’s no secret that I’ve never been a huge fan of Instagram. But this month, I finally decided to stop posting on this platform. And instead focus interely on Unsplash. Here’s why."

Annie Spratt