We’re looking for two Community Managers and a Brand Partnerships lead

I’m Steph, one of the co-founders of Unsplash. We’re looking for three people to join our team.

Since Unsplash became its own company a few months ago, we’ve been bringing together a team of skillful people who give a damn. Our team is currently 18, and we don’t expect to open many more roles this year.


What Unsplash is

At Unsplash, our aim is to redefine how photography is shared and exchanged.

To do that, we’ve created a way of working where everyone has the autonomy, tools, and support needed to do their best work.

Let’s not sugar-coat it though, there are challenges. Building a company to reinvent an industry won’t be easy so it’s important to be excited by the contribution we aim to make and the journey of starting a company together.


What Unsplash is not

If you’re primarily motivated by the best free lunch menu, free onsite haircuts, and massages, we’re not the place for you. For sure, you’ll be taken care of from a salary and benefits perspective. We pay above-market salaries and we don’t track vacation days. You take time off when you need it.

Our focus is mainly on creating an environment where you feel your most creative. This comes down to giving everyone on our team the freedom to control their own time. We don’t care about the time you put in, or how often (or if) you come into the office. It’s about what you do in that time that matters.


How we work

We have a high bar for quality and we will never release something if we wouldn’t share it ourselves.

Hitting a high level of quality over and over, with speed, isn’t easy. We don’t expect you to be working all hours of the day to get work done but it can feel like it if you don’t have a strong ability to prioritize. No one will be looking over your shoulder making sure you did something. But you can count on support and honest feedback. We’ll have weekly and monthly catch-ups and many opportunities to regularly chat together about things, but you will largely be in charge of how you spend your time.

We love to try things. To tinker. It’s how Unsplash was created. It’s why we have a monthly Make Day. If you’ve got ideas that would be useful for our community, we won’t hold you back. Instead, we’ll help provide the resources to make it happen.


What we mean by Community

When you stare at a screen for most of the day, it’s easy to forget that pretty much everything you’re doing will ultimately come down to how you make people feel.

If you’re building a website, the backbone of your product is not your site architecture. It’s the people who use it. Depending on your business, your customers might just be as big a part of the product as the code you write.

For Unsplash, this is 100 percent the case.

Without our photographers, Unsplash would be nothing. Our backend architecture might look pretty, but what makes Unsplash pretty to everyone else is the beauty Unsplash photographers put into Unsplash.

We’re fortunate to have one of the most vibrant community of creators on Unsplash and we want everyone to feel shouting-from-the-top-of-a-mountain happy every time they email, tweet, submit, and share with us. Anyone who contributes a photo or supports Unsplash deserves to be celebrated.

It’s our community that has turned Unsplash into what it is today.


What you’ll be doing

Position: Community Manager (Location: Montreal)

We’re looking for someone who has experience building and nurturing a digital community. You should also have photography experience. Though tasks will evolve, a day in the life of an Unsplash Community Manager today would look something like this:

  • Curating photo submissions and collections as a member of the Unsplash Editorial team
  • Offering feedback to photographers
  • Having regular conversations with our community on social media and our Unsplash Slack group
  • Writing community announcements
  • Helping connect new photographers with Unsplash


Position: Brand Partnerships (Location: San Francisco, New York)

We started working with companies on creative ways they can get involved in the Unsplash community, whether that’s through contributing photos or special campaigns.

We’re looking for someone who has worked with brands in the past to adopt either a new medium or a new form of media.


Who you’ll be working with

You’ll spend a lot of time with everyone on our team, but for these positions, you’ll work mainly with:

Annie (UK) — We’re sure she never sleeps. Annie tends to the entire Unsplash community with an unmatched sense of flair, humor, and quality.

Kathryn (SF) — Kathryn heads up Unsplash API partnerships, working with companies and developers to access our entire library of high-res photos in their products.

Nick (SF) — Nick leads Unsplash marketing and distribution projects. If you see Unsplash out in the wild, it’s probably Nick’s doing.

Me (Montreal, New York, SF) — I work mainly with our Community and Partnerships team to figure out new opportunities we can bring to Unsplash photographers.


How to apply

We want to get to know you so please don’t send your resume. Instead, get in touch through this form. Tell us who you are. Show us some work you’ve done that you’re excited about. Our team is just a bunch of humans who want to make great stuff. And we’re looking for a few more people who are into that.

Thanks for reading,


Annie SprattSteph