My Experience With Unsplash in a Nutshell

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Do-whatever-you-want free HD photos. Gifted by the world’s most generous community of photographers.
— Unsplash

A very short summary on how I located them...

Me and a friend of mine run and we were looking for stock images for an upcoming article and I googled "Free images for websites" and Unsplash pops up so I check it out and typed on their websites search bar "Wanderlust" and tons of images started loading up and so many amazing images caught my attention. Before I started downloading them I read the Unsplash license 

Personal Account....

I published my first image on Unsplash February 15, 2017 and to be honest it was more of a gamble and had no plan for the platform, just simply curiosity. When I run into new industry related platforms I make an account first and browse around to see what its all about. After reading the Unsplash License I published a portrait of a friend.

I kept just one image on their until 4 days later when I published the next which was of my wife sippin some coffee. So I told myself "let me just build up this account" and post on it more frequently. 

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A couple of weeks later a friend of mine told me that they saw the image of my friend on someones blog and I was like "what?!" let me see and so she sends me the link and I was like woah this is super cool, they even credited me and linked the image to my personal Unsplash account which was pretty neat.

Note: Although they don't have to credit you they still did.

I had put a link to my personal Instagram account on my Unsplash profile and started getting referral traffic! After a couple of months I had uploaded more and more images and people tagging me on post's from all sorts of social media accounts and saying thank you's. Its humbling, it really is. 

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Below are some of the many brands using my work...

Thought Catalog

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Although for the moment there is no way to make revenue, the free market is always on demand, and with the growth of photographers, bloggers and brands looking for great quality images to use is only growing rapidly every year.

Unsplash photos have not only helped designers and entrepreneurs create demos and websites but have been a source of inspiration for everyone from teachers to nonprofits to independent creators.
— Mikael Cho Co-Founder/CEO @unsplash

If you would like to know more about this check out Mikael Cho's article on "The future of photography and Unsplash" to learn more.

Also if you use Unsplash and want to know where your images are going check out the video below I posted on twitter! Thank you for reading! Stay inspired.

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