The Top 10 Unsplash Photos of 2016

Since Unsplash was created three years ago as a simple Tumblr blog, it has certainly come a long way.

You only have to take a single look at our real-time activity map to see that photos are constantly being uploaded and downloaded at an incredible rate. We wanted to take a look back at the ten most popular photos of the year, to see what they captured and what we can learn from them. Here they are:

1. Greg Rakozy reminded us to look out at the stars (110,193 downloads)


There’s something special about the fact that two different people, in two different parts of the world, captured photos which were, in a sense, two sides of the same coin. Unsplash lets us see into each other’s worlds, and wonder at the beautiful harmony of this community of artists.

Here’s to 2017.

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