Long Live Unsplash!

Why Unsplash is your best friend to create compelling and beautiful stories on Medium - by Thomas Gaudex

I love Unsplash. Every day I go to the site to check the new tab and to discover the photos that are daily published by its incredible community of photographers. Each day, new photos are uploaded and downloaded from all over the world. It’s really impressive. Take a look at their real-time activity map to realize it.

Unsplash is a community of people who love travelling the world, looking for beautiful images and stories to share. Photographers really appreciate Unsplash for the exposure the site provides.

Some of them wrote on Medium the reasons why they chose Unsplash to show their work: Samuel Zeller is a freelance photographer. He told us in july why he chose to give his images for freePatrick Tomasso explains why he posts most of his work for free on Unsplash. Or Nathan Anderson tells us how the platform made him a photographer.

Unsplash is a magical place for people who want to find beautiful images for creating things. If you log in with your account, you are able to make collections to keep your favorite images in one place and to find them easily. Since recently, you can follow photographers you like and find their work on the following tab.

The interface is user-friendly and the high resolution photos load instantly. All images can be used for free. What more can you ask for?

People from all over the world are creating things with my images, websites, album covers, iPhone Apps, book covers… Here’s just a few examples. 
— Samuel Zeller

Here’s just a few examples, as Samuel Zeller wrote in his post. Another great example of using these photos is to create stories on Medium…

you are a power user of Medium, you know that most of the posts published here are illustrated by images from Unsplash. To me, it’s not a coincidence.

Do you know how Miles Davis composed the music of the film Ascenseur pour l’échafaud directed by Louis Malle in 1958? Miles was just watching the film while holding his trumpet. When the images were moving on the screen, the sound started coming out of his instrument naturally…

The results are a mythical film and one of the best albums from the legendary musician. An exceptional alchemy.

Why am I telling you this story? Because it tells us about inspiration.

Like photographers tell stories through their images and provide a lot of emotions, musicians can produce their most successful pieces of music just watching images.

Unsplash is a perfect place to find inspiration for your next story. If you are thinking to write a new post on Medium, go to Unsplashand let your mind roam in its wonderful world.

That’s what I do every day and evey time I want to write something and I can tell you that it works. When I’m scrolling the page with all these incredible photos, I feel some ideas building inside. Try it!

When I started writing this post about turning 30, I used this image from Jared Doyle. It described exactly what I felt at the time: Peace, serenity and happiness. I added the picture at the top of the post and the words came by themselves.

Images have always been a source of inspiration. It would be a shame not to make use of them for building your next stories on Medium.

I would like to thank Drew Coffman and Annie Spratt for sharing Unsplash stories on Medium and spreading inspiration through these images taken by all these talented photographers. Their series Unsplash Untold. The Stories behind the photos is really awesome and give us the opportunity to learn more about the people who took the photos.

Take a look at the best Unsplash photos of 2016 and start writing your next story on Medium!