Hello, Unsplash Inc.

For the last 3 years we’ve been running Crew with Unsplash by its side. But since January 2017, Unsplash and Crew will operate as two independent companies. The main change moving forward is focus. Everyone on Unsplash will dedicate full attention on serving the Unsplash community. And everyone on Crew will give full attention toward serving the Crew community.

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High Resolution and Exceptional Quality Photos for Free

A few weeks ago I randomly ended up scrolling through Twitter and ended up on Sans Francisco which has a "designer toolkit" list of apps and websites. Including a list of photography resources. I'm well aware that creatives and bloggers often struggle to find the right imagery to compliment their work. In the past, this is where image libraries became of use, as did the right click button? 

StoriesTony Rogers
A Visual Guide to the Benefits of Hugging

Over decades, many studies have been done that prove the positive psychological and physical effects of human touch—often received during a hug. In honor of National Hug Day, we did a quick search for <hug> on Unsplash and were quite taken back by the love we felt jumping out of the screen!

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Long Live Unsplash!

Unsplash is a magical place for people who want to find beautiful images for creating things. If you log in with your account, you are able to make collections to keep your favorite images in one place and to find them easily. Since recently, you can follow photographers you like and find their work on the following tab.

How Jake Hills Captured a Lunar Eclipse with a $100 Lens

There are few forms of photography which mystify me more than shooting the night sky. Not only does it require dedication, but it seems to require an attention to technical details which I’ve never seemed to possess. Unsplash is no stranger to beautiful photos of starsthe moon, and even the galaxy — yet Jake Hills’ photo of the blood moon is something unique in its own right.